Amanda & Dan

On a cold day, surrounded by snowflakes and warm thoughts, Amanda & Dan arrived at Perona Farms.  It was a day of shared smiles, huddling for warmth, and plenty of laughter.  Undeterred by the icy winds, this brave couple ventured outside with us time and time again… while being effortlessly photogenic.

Amie & Joe

Someone said the key to living a meaningful life is to always be learning, and I feel we learn something new at every wedding. Amie & Joe’s wedding taught us a few things. We learned an ice cream shop and a greenhouse can be ideal photo locations. We learned Elvis can show up (unannounced) and turn a quiet cocktail hour into a wild concert… we also learned that Joe is a big fan, Amie set that up and managed to keep it all a surprise. Now that is true love!

Chryssa & Mark

There are two elements that make an amazing wedding… Greek dancing and food trucks. Chryssa & Mark combined the two in Monmouth Beach and served up some awesome moves. Since the Sea.Hear.Now festival was going on just down the road, the bride & groom dropped by for some Asbury fun…