Dana & Stephen

When you find the girl of your dreams, you hold on to her. When you find out how much you have in common with her, you hold on to her that much more. When you play rugby, holding on to that girl (or throwing her in the air) is a little easier than usual. Congratulations to Dana & Stephen on your engagement!

Jackie & Ralph

I go to a lot of weddings. I mean, *a lot* of weddings. 

It’s rare that I’m blown away by the creativity and planning that couples put into their day, but Jackie & Ralph were truly amazing. Their “modern country” theme wedding included custom bottles of homemade moonshine for the guests, a DJ playing their favorite country songs, a toastmaster giving his toast and carving a full pig. 

By the end of the night, it was clear no one would forget Jackie & Ralph’s wedding.

Lauren & Jason

Fate has a way of bringing you to the person you’re meant to be with, and that’s Lauren & Jason’s story. They went to the same school but ran in different circles. After graduating, they were brought together again through mutual friends and the rest is history. We took a stroll together through lovely Asbury Park, soaking up some sun by the boardwalk.

Liz & Zach

Lately I’ve been feeling like sunshine has been in short supply, so it was perfect timing that Liz & Zach dropped by on a gorgeous day! After some headshots in the studio, we ended up doing a quick photoshoot around sunny Asbury Park.

Kim & Keith

It’s easy to tell when two people just belong together.  Kim and Keith lit up Buona Sera with their smiles as they exchanged vows. You can tell it really was #loveatfirstswipe!