Emily & Vinny

Friday the 13th might not strike you as the most romantic day of the year, but Emily & Vinny would make you think again.  Their Halloween-inspired wedding was truly a sight to behold, with so much love and thought put into every detail.  The “boo-tiful” couple danced the rest of the spooky night away with their friends and family.

Ashley & Graham

More often than not, your typical wedding can be somewhat stressful.  It’s not easy to plan the biggest day of your life  (along with seeing every important family member on both sides)!  It’s always amazing to see how two people so in love balance each other throughout their day, and Ashley & Graham did just that.  From their first look on the Spring Lake bridge to dancing all night at Doolan’s, it was easy to tell the newlyweds were destined for one another.

Cristina & Ed

It was a beautiful day in Brielle as Cristina & Ed exchanged their vows.  As day turned to night, the dancing started and the music never stopped.  And by that, I mean there were two bands!  Under an amazing crescent moon, the newlyweds danced closely and celebrated all night with family and friends.

Jackie & Kevin Trash the Dress!

I love how you can create something awesome by destroying something beautiful.  In the warm-ish, end-of-summer ocean, Jackie & Kevin trashed the dress and were really good sports about being fully dressed in the water.  I mean, it can’t be easy to move around in a soaked wedding dress (especially when the tide starts to come in!).  The fact that these two can have so much fun in any element really shows how strong their love is.