Amanda & Brandon

It’s rare to see two people complement each other perfectly. I thought this when I met Amanda & Brandon earlier this year, for an engagement shoot on a somewhat cold winter’s day. There was a way Brandon made sure Amanda was warm without thinking, almost like it was second nature. Their wedding day was filled with moments like this; the way they talked and laughed together, the way they danced together, and the way they said “I do” together.

Leigh & Eddie

There are few certainties in life. One I’ve learned is if the bride is wearing boots, it will be an unforgettable wedding. Leigh & Eddie did not disappoint; the party was in full swing from saying “I do” at The Berkeley to the after-party at Anchor’s Bend.

Beth & Jeremy

It’s easy to take photos of two people so clearly in love with one another. Beth & Jeremy exchanged their vows (and their love) in Point Pleasant Beach, dancing the rest of the night away as husband and wife.

Jaclyn & Kevin

It’s not easy to be up and looking good at 5:00 am, but Jaclyn & Kevin pulled it off. Our early morning adventure included going under the boardwalk, jumping in the ocean, and catching an amazing sunrise.