Nicole & Nick

A beach elopement in Spring is just full of romance. You have that universal sense of transformation combined with an intimate marriage all at once. Nicole & Nick were united as one beside the ocean (and for a moment, in the ocean) with a ceremony so private that we might as well have been on a deserted island.

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea. - e.e. cummings 

Mariel & John

Money was raining down, shots were going up, and love was in the air. Mariel & John’s winter wedding was an eclectic combination of fun and romance: where else can you find Greek dancing and Scottish bagpipes? The newlyweds chose the Shadowbrook for their reception and didn’t leave eachothers arms for the rest of the night.

Shii-Tean & Steven

Much like the holidays, Shii-Tean & Steven’s wedding day was a day of giving.  They began with an exchange of love letters, followed that with a few extra wedding day gifts, and (of course) they exchanged a couple rings.  They gave one another their vows in the beautiful Allaire Village Chapel and followed that with a reception at The Radisson of Freehold, dancing together as husband and wife.

Danielle & Ryan

Fate is a four-letter word I don’t throw around a lot… but Danielle & Ryan were definitely destined for each other. They were together years ago and as you might have guessed, fate brought them back together again. Their reception at Deal Country Club was a perfect mix of beauty, elegance and fun as they celebrated with their loved ones.