Jaclyn & Kevin

It’s not easy to be up and looking good at 5:00 am, but Jaclyn & Kevin pulled it off. Our early morning adventure included going under the boardwalk, jumping in the ocean, and catching an amazing sunrise.

Lorenzo & Dan

“I knew the very first time we met that this was different.” Lorenzo & Dan’s wedding in Spring Lake was full of emotion; there was laughter, some tears, and an abundance of love.

Emilia & Nick

Taking in one of the last beautiful days at the shore, Emilia & Nick tied the knot at Seven Presidents Beach. They followed that up with dinner & drinks at McLoone’s Rum Runner, celebrating their love with family and friends as the sun went down.

Kate & Colleen

The “L word” is hard to find. Everyone looks for it and a select few are lucky enough to find their true love.  These two beauties found theirs and made it official on a gorgeous farm, with lots of friends, family and (I’m assuming) most of New Jersey’s rugby players.

Catie & Pete

I’ve said it before, but this is truly my favorite time of the year. That window of time between summer and fall. It’s when we gradually lose the heat & humidity, and gradually win back the boardwalk & beaches. We took a stroll with the recently engaged Catie & Pete, and had a great time shooting around Asbury Park.