Robyn & Joe

You can tell a lot about a couple by how they can make each other laugh. Robyn & Joe shared lots of laughter & smiles as we made our way from the beach to the boardwalk for their fall engagement shoot. Who needs summer anyway?

Katie & Chris

An early October morning gives you a different side of Asbury Park… the tourists are gone, the shops are closed, and the beach is nice and peaceful. Katie & Chris’ engagement shoot brought some life to the boardwalk, only steps away from where they’ll be married next October!

Zaida & Steve

We were holding onto the summer weather for Zaida & Steve’s wedding, with sunlight filling the Belmar Gazebo.  The newlyweds shared plenty of laughter while exchanging their vows, and lots of love under the sun.

Jenna & Alex

You have to be pretty smooth to pull off a candlelit surprise proposal at the Asbury Park Casino (with champagne, of course!).  With a little help, Alex managed to set up this romantic moment and keep it a secret.  Jenna’s smile lit up the boardwalk when she realized what was happening… and she said yes!

Lauren & Kevin

Seven Presidents Beach on Labor Day Weekend is not for the faint of heart. There are plenty of crowds and tourists that make a private photo shoot tricky. Lauren & Kevin were up for the challenge though, as this is where Kevin proposed. Fortunately, we were able to get some great moments and some gorgeous end-of-summer weather.