Andrea & Brandon

It was a good sign when an overcast day broke just as we pulled in to Red Bank. The sun came out, it seemed, just for Andrea & Brandon (and super-photogenic Mason). We took a stroll downtown and the soon-to-be husband and wife were all smiles together.

Meryl & Taj

Philadelphia has beauty in abundance if you know where to look. Meryl & Taj took full advantage of all Philly had to offer, starting their day with views of City Hall, exchanging vows at Race Street Pier, and even a surprise performance by the Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble. Family and friends gathered at Power Plant Productions for an amazing reception, while the new bride & groom danced the rest of the night away.

Jackie & Kevin

There are telltale signs when a bride and groom are perfect for one another. When they are perfectly happy with a little rain. When they are wearing matching honey bees. When the groom serenades his (very surprised) bride. 

Jackie & Kevin exchanged vows on a slightly overcast day, which yielded a lovely light. As we stepped among the flowers at Battleground Country Club, I couldn’t help but think how appropriate their honey bees were and how they were meant to “bee”. (sorry, I had to.)

oh, for a bee’s experience 

of clovers and of noon  - emily dickinson