Nicole & Darren

When shooting a wedding for a member of the Moroccan Sheepherders, be prepared for a roller coaster ride of raw energy, passion, and (of course) non-stop amazing music! Nicole & Darren were the epitome of the perfect couple as they danced together all night. Nicole looked spectacular, and Darren brought down the house singing to his bride. The energy flowing through the band made the atmosphere electric, matched only by the sparks flying between the bride and groom.

Kristy & Jakob

From Scandinavia to Pennsylvania, Kristy & Jakob traveled together to exchange vows. Arm in arm, they had their first look nearby the beautiful Renaissance Hotel and we began shooting around Philadelphia. These two were so easygoing, they didn’t even blink when authorities chased us out of a national park we “mistakenly” wandered into. With some appropriate Swedish music in the background and family all around, they lit up the dance floor for the rest of the night.