Elizabeth & Zach

August 15th was a beautiful day. Not only did I have the pleasure of shooting Elizabeth and Zach’s wedding, but my wife went into labor at the exact same time (a week past her due date!). Despite the added pressure, Elizabeth and Zach kept their cool and looked amazing while doing so.

Jasmine & Brian

There’s an amazing amount of love between two people celebrating their 10 year anniversary. It’s no surprise Jasmine & Brian were perfectly happy trekking through Asbury Park; getting in the ocean, walking the boardwalk, joining up with a music festival, all the while laughing and smiling together.

Sue & Dale

There are few wedding locations more intimate than a quiet gazebo on a summer night. Sue & Dale balanced that calm out with an adventure on the jetty immediately after, blissfully in love with waves crashing around them.

Julia & Zack

Love is in the air in Spring Lake. The sun is out and it finally feels like summer. Julia & Zack soaked up some of that sun together and couldn’t keep their eyes off each other.

Aleks & Tyler

When you catch a perfect day with sunlight everywhere in Asbury Park, it can really make your day. The engagement session with Aleks & Tyler was on just such a beautiful day, and it really brought out the light between them as well.