Katie & Chris

An early October morning gives you a different side of Asbury Park… the tourists are gone, the shops are closed, and the beach is nice and peaceful. Katie & Chris’ engagement shoot brought some life to the boardwalk, only steps away from where they’ll be married next October!

Zaida & Steve

We were holding onto the summer weather for Zaida & Steve’s wedding, with sunlight filling the Belmar Gazebo.  The newlyweds shared plenty of laughter while exchanging their vows, and lots of love under the sun.

Jenna & Alex

You have to be pretty smooth to pull off a candlelit surprise proposal at the Asbury Park Casino (with champagne, of course!).  With a little help, Alex managed to set up this romantic moment and keep it a secret.  Jenna’s smile lit up the boardwalk when she realized what was happening… and she said yes!

Lauren & Kevin

Seven Presidents Beach on Labor Day Weekend is not for the faint of heart. There are plenty of crowds and tourists that make a private photo shoot tricky. Lauren & Kevin were up for the challenge though, as this is where Kevin proposed. Fortunately, we were able to get some great moments and some gorgeous end-of-summer weather. 

Elizabeth & Zach

August 15th was a beautiful day. Not only did I have the pleasure of shooting Elizabeth and Zach’s wedding, but my wife went into labor at the exact same time (a week past her due date!). Despite the added pressure, Elizabeth and Zach kept their cool and looked amazing while doing so.